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Started in 2019 as a WhatsApp for first wave of digital brand founders, D2C Insider is has now propagated into a large community. Currently, more than 4,000 founders and about 600 consumer-internet investors have created a support system.

Daily conversations about growth hacks, hiring references and expansion ideas are discussed over texts, and emails. D2C Insider also organises CXO Meets, which lets you physically interact and build connections with industry stalwarts.

“We needed this for the female entrepreneurship ecosystem and for the community. There is just so much energy here," Arjun Vaidya, co-founder, V3 Ventures, said at Women CXO Meet held in February 2023.

"A platform and a community like this can go a long way in terms of helping founders," Abhishek Goenka, managing partner, RPSG Capital, said at Delhi CXO Meet held in May 2023.

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